Synonyms: prawn, prawns, shrimp, shrimps


Especially in the Anglo-Saxon world and countries of its influence there is a significant confusion with prawns since different species are indiscriminately called prawns that sometimes are not those that are consumed in the Mediterranean. Basically there are two large families of this type of crustaceans, the prawn (shrimp) and the prawn (prawn) the first is basically red in color and the prawn is striped brown even though when cooked it is also red.


They are two crustaceans that, if you look closely, are very different and their meat also offers totally opposite textures.

The most popular and well-known in the case of prawns is the red shrimp, a crustacean whose price is high but whose gastronomic characteristics are extremely tasty.

In many countries it is very common to see this type of crustacean without a head, and with the shell of the body half removed. In the fishmongers of our country it is impossible to find them that way since whole of a piece retain their gastronomic qualities intact, on the other hand if the head is removed (the most tasty part of them) they lose their quality. The reason why in some countries this product is lacking the head is because it is the part that first spoils of the crustacean turning absolutely black, which shows its days of refrigeration, in Mediterranean countries they are put on sale and consumed within a few hours of being caught, which guarantees its freshness. Despite its price, eating half a dozen for example is a permissible delicacy and despite the fact that there are tastes for everything, it is grilled exclusively with coarse salt and not cooked for long to preserve its juiciness.

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