Synonyms: algas, seaweed


More and more dishes are being introduced into Mediterranean cuisine that are accompanied by edible seaweed, generally they are already presented dry and rehydrated to proceed to their consumption in rice dishes, salads, fish dishes and other preparations, apart from those that make up world famous sushi. And the sort that is normally used in Asia.

 In our country you can find all types and in this section we develop the autochthonous ones, with the name in Spanish.

Espagueti de Mar

Its most common form of presentation is dehydrated, but it is also canned or powdered. It can be eaten in salads, as part of stews, toast or even in batter. Powdered, it is an excellent seasoning that can be used in place of salt.

Lechuga de mar

 It is sold dehydrated. It can be taken toasted and crushed, as a substitute for salt. It is also very common to serve it boiled

Ramallo de Mar

It is a small Galician green algae, which is collected directly from the sea between the months of April and November. It has a taste similar to the barnacle. Due to its intense aroma of the sea, it is ideal for dressings and flavoured oils. It can also be included in vegetable preparations, purees, croquettes, etc.

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