Synonyms: cured sausage, salchichon


Salchichón is a type of cured sausage of Greek and Roman origin. The long tradition that exists in our country, of cured and cooked foods derived from pork, makes this product present in all the national gastronomy in different qualities. One of the most valued and popular is the salchichón de Vic, a Catalan area, well known for its production of high quality salchichones with a designation of origin as well as the popular fuet.


Vic Salchichón

This sausage is made in the Plana de Vic region, where there are 28 towns with a designation of Origin on this sausage.

The region is located in a pass between the Pyrenees and the coastal depression, an altitude that varies between 400 and 600 meters. It is made with pork meat, specifically from the leanest part: the hams of these animals, the meat is minced and mixed with cubes of bacon, in order to provide the mixture with a peculiarly delicate texture and flavour.

The mixed meat is stuffed into natural casing and dried for 45 days with continuous breezes from the Montseny massif.

It is usually presented in a cylindrical shape with 7–8 cm in diameter and lengths that range between 50 and 60 cm. The consumption of this salchichón states that it has the original labels supplied by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination I.G.P. “Salchichón de Vic or Llonganissa de Vic”.

The salchichón are also known as, culares, named for the type of casing that is used to stuff them and that they are produced with a technique similar to that of Vic.

Another very classic specialty in the rest of the nation is the Iberian salchichón, made with the same techniques, but in this case as Iberian pigs the different prices mark the purity of the Iberian pig used.

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