Synonyms: semi preserves


Within the world of canned food, by legislation, they branched out in the unique and exclusive case of anchovies in the denomination of semi-preserved.


The reason for this classification is given in that although the preservation technique is the same as that used in other types of fish or fruits or vegetables, the duration of the quality of the product is different, not because the property of conservation but, to preserve this type of anchovies, salted fish is used to produce the anchovy and it is preserved in oil.

The problem is that the previous process used to salt the product, after a period of several months, the anchovy begins to lose the salt it has inside, leaving the product in a rather unpleasant brine, which still does not present any type of sanitary problem or of toxicity, it is an excessively salty product for its consumption.

With which the expiration times of these preserves are shorter and generally they are forced to refrigerate them to extend their life. For this reason they receive the denomination of semi preserves

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