Synonyms: Omelette


The tortilla is undoubtedly the most popular dish in general of the gastronomy of our country, specifically the Spanish omelette has become a national and international leader, and representative of Spanish food. It is the main dish of most bars in the country basically as a tapa or in the so-called pinchos, we can say without a doubt that there is not a bar in the Spanish geography that does not have its classic potato omelette, which is the name that receives in general.


As its name says, its main ingredients are eggs, potatoes and onion, although there is an eternal debate about whether it has to contain onion or not. The potatoes must be fried in oil at a low temperature and there are also various opinions in which the potato is cut into cubes or slices is defended, when the potatoes are sufficiently cooked  the onion is added, in the final minutes of cooking, finally the oil is drained and the mix is added to previously beaten eggs, mixing well and pouring all the mixture into a pan the size of the omelette that we want to make.

We have arrived here at the essential point of making the tortilla and that is when it is cooked on one side and you have to cook it on the other side. There are hilarious tutorials on the Internet on how to cook the omelette on the other side, ranging from putting the pan in the oven, to using DIY gun heaters to gratin the other side, and truly terrifying inventions to make a really simple operation.

Before making the omelette, we must find the appropriate pan of the size we want to make it and especially a plate or a lid that slightly exceeds its diameter, at the moment that one of the sides is already cooked, we place a plate on top of the pan, we hold the handle of  the pan with one hand and place the other  hand flat on the plate, remove the pan from the heat and with a quick 180 ° turn we place the tortilla on the plate, remove the frying pan and return to medium heat and lightly grease it with oil if necessary, and let the remaining tortilla slide into the pan on the side where it was uncooked.

The only thing  that can be slightly complicated and that we can spill a little raw egg, but if the operation is carried out quickly and firmly that does not happen, always taking into account that we must hold the plate well.

Once the first turn is done, the tortilla can be turned several times until the colour and finish we are looking for is achieved. Here is a link to a tutorial to make white bean omelette and another to make eggplant omelette, in which you can see how to turn it.

Aubergine omelette

White Bean Omelette

Throughout the Spanish geography there are different recipes for different tortillas but it is in Catalonia where this dish has more variants, then we list the most popular tortillas that can be made:

French omelette, is the name given in Spain to the classic Omelette

Spanish omelette, with or without onion

Paisana omelette, omelette with different, vegetables

Aubergine omelette

Artichokes Omelette

Courgette Omelette

Ham omelette

White bean omelette

Cooked ham omelette

Cheese omelette

Chorizo omelette

Mushroom omelette

Chanterelle omelette

Tuna omelette

Cod omelette

We have put here the most basic popular ones but there are countless more recipes that included any product that we have in our imagination, except that of ham, cheese, chorizo, and tuna (canned) all the elements have to be previously fried or cooked before mixing them with the egg.

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