Synonyms: cordon bleu, libritos

Libritos Lomo

A classic of French cuisine, which is very popular in our country with some variation. Basically it is made with pork loin, and it can be found in many butchers and delicatessens, and it ready made or can be ordered, you can buy it sliced so you can fill it with what you wish.


The Spanish name for “Libritos” is given, the loin is cut into slices, but the first is not just cut to the end, and it remains like two sheets of a book, which allows its easy filling. It can be filled like the original French recipe, with a mild cheese, or with a cheese and cooked ham and the most typical version of the country, with Serrano ham and cheese. Later it is closed, coated with beaten egg and breadcrumbs, to be fried with olive oil over a not very high heat. In the case of buying it already made, you just have to fry it

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