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Term Definition

Jamón Del País o Serrano (Serrano Ham)

Jamón Del País o Serrano

Serrano ham or comes from a variety of the white pig breed, and the ham is easily distinguished by the colour of the skin of the leg. It is called serrano when it is cured in a cold and dry mountain climate.

It is currently regulated by Community Regulation 2082/92, which defines the characteristics of the process and the finished product.


Jamón Ibérico (Iberian Ham)

Jamón Ibérico

Iberian ham is a type of ham from the Iberian pig, highly appreciated in the gastronomy of Spain and in the gastronomy of Portugal, where it is called presumed Iberian, and is often considered as an article of haute cuisine and delicacy.


Jamón Ibérico de Jabugo (Jabugo Iberian Ham)

Jamón Ibérico de Jabugo

In some bars or restaurants you can find this nomination for the Iberian ham Jamones from the PDO Jabugo. They are hams with the same characteristics of Iberian ham but in this case they are elaborated hams.


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