Food Glossary

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Term Definition

Setas (Mushrooms)


This is the generic name that all edible and inedible mushrooms receive, to refer to them in a general way, as can be seen in many of the sections of this glossary.


Sobrasada (Sobrasada)


Sobrasada is a raw cured sausage, made from selected pork meat, generally native to the Balearic Islands with different qualities, there is also a variety, black pork is seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper. It is stuffed in tgut and has a slow maturation.


Tortilla (Omelette)


The tortilla is undoubtedly the most popular dish in general of the gastronomy of our country, specifically the Spanish omelette has become a national and international leader, and representative of Spanish food. It is the main dish of most bars in the country basically as a tapa or in the so-called pinchos, we can say without a doubt that there is not a bar in the Spanish geography that does not have its classic potato omelette, which is the name that receives in general.


Trompetas de la Mort (Horn of plenty)

Trompetas de la Mort

The Horn of Plenty, are a very aromatic mushrooms with a trumpet shape and elongated, hence their name, and black in colour. It is a mushroom that is normally sold dried and for cooking they need to be soaked to rehydrate them and that they provide a very special aroma in the dishes where rice and meats are added, giving a very special final touch to dishes


Uvas pasas (Raisins)

Uvas pasas

In some cases in castilian sun-dried fruits are named “pasas” so in the case of raisins we will find the adjective of “pasas”  after the name of the fruit, the same happens also in the case of plums that we will find in spanish with the name of ciruelas pasas”.




In Spanish, “verduras y hortalizas” are the same, in a popular way, the former their name is derived from the color (green in Spanish) and the latter are derived from the word (huerto-orchard in Spanish) in both cases in the stalls and markets they come to represent the same thing.


Xatò (Xatò)


Xató is a seasonal salad typical of Catalonia whose ingredients are basically escarole (from here it comes to be a seasonal salad) cod, black olives and romesco sauce in some places they add canned tuna and anchovies in oil. The composition of the sauce can be found in the corresponding section.


Yuca (Cassava)


Cassava, is a very typical tuber of Latin American countries that is also cultivated in tropical areas of Africa and Oceania in many countries it is the product that replaces bread due to its amount of carbohydrates.


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