Food Glossary

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Term Definition

Murgola (Morel)


It is one of the most appreciated mushrooms by French and Spanish gourmets. These fungi are very difficult to find, as they are found in isolation and it is very difficult to distinguish them with the naked eye. Only with the sharp and expert eyes of a good mushroom picker can you find them.


Níscalo/Rovelló (Saffron Milkcap)


This wild mushroom is one of the most consumed in Mediterranean countries after the common mushroom. It is primarily the queen mushroom in Catalonia, where, in season, it is a classic accompaniment to roast meats and in various culinary recipes, it is also consumed grilled with garlic and parsley.


Ñora/Nyora (Small round pepper)


oraÑora is a cultivated variety of Capsicum annuum or pepper, called "bola" (ball) in Alicante and Murcia, where it became popular, small in size, round in shape and red in color when ripe, which is left to dry in the sun. It has a sweet taste and is widely used in gastronomy in Catalonia and the Spanish Levante, especially in the Region of Murcia and Alicante.


Olivas (Olives)


Olivas is a term that is used equally  in Spain to describe the fruit of the olive tree that can be used together with the term olives, the first denomination derives from the Spanish name of the tree (Olivo-Oliva) and the second from the product derived from the fruits ( Aceite (Oil) -Aceituna), both describe the same product with which the visitor if he finds any of the two words describe exactly the same product.


Patatas Bravas (Spicy Potatoes)

Patatas Bravas

This dish is undoubtedly the king of “tapas” in our country that in the menus of restaurants and bars in its English terminology is simplified with the name and that in many cases the product is not explained what it is exactly.


Pepperoni (Pepperoni)


Pepperoni is part of one of the great "fake" in the world of gastronomy; this sausage has no relationship with Italian pizza or any relationship with the gastronomy of this country.

Pepperoni is a sausage invented and popularized in the United States and exported to the world by pizza multinationals, without any relation to the gastronomy of Italy.


Queso (Cheese)


Although France, Switzerland and the Netherlands make up the great European core of cheese manufacturing in our market you can find a wide assortment of Spanish cheeses from different regions, qualities and origins.


Romesco (Romesco)


Romesco is a typical Catalan sauce, specifically from the Tarragona area, which is the basic element to accompany calçots, which is also mentioned in this glossary. Although it is also used as an accompaniment in other dishes and as a condiment in some preparations. Its preparation has various recipes, although there is a certain struggle between different populations that claim its authorship.


Salchichon (Cured Sausage)


Salchichón is a type of cured sausage of Greek and Roman origin. The long tradition that exists in our country, of cured and cooked foods derived from pork, makes this product present in all the national gastronomy in different qualities. One of the most valued and popular is the salchichón de Vic, a Catalan area, well known for its production of high quality salchichones with a designation of origin as well as the popular fuet.


Semiconservas (Semi preserves)


Within the world of canned food, by legislation, they branched out in the unique and exclusive case of anchovies in the denomination of semi-preserved.


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